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Co-organized by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, Branch Association of Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance of China, supported by International Association of Hydrogen Energy, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, the 4th China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition will hold in China International Exhibition Center (Old Site) from 6th -8th May 2019.


CHFCE is China’s first professional, large-scale, high-level, covered whole industry chain hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition platform. Since 2016, CHFCE was hold 3 sessions successfully, which has been well recognized by the industry players. CHFCE Beijing 2018 has more than 60 exhibitors from more than 10 countries from all over the world, the exhibition areas were large than 6,000 square meters, visitors were more than 1,200 people. CHFCE now has become the only brand exhibition in hydrogen and fuel cell industry, represent China’s current development level of hydrogen and fuel cells.

CHFCE Beijing 2019 will focus on the following 4 sections according to exhibitors and visitors’ suggestions:

1. Enlarge exhibition areas, the expect exhibition area is about 10,000 square meters.

2. Internationalization of exhibitors and visitors. CHFCE Beijing would take the advantages of the successful bid of World Hydrogen Technology Convention 2023, enhance the global promotions and establish worldwide networks.

3. Practical Cooperation. CHFCE Beijing 2019 will display the industry chain series of productions and fuel cell terminal applications, especially the applications of transportation, electricity and energy systems. Provide one-stop hydrogen and fuel cell solutions for our exhibitors and visitors.

4. CHFCE Beijing 2019 the conference contents will more open and diversified. 

We sincerely invite you continue to participate CHFCE Beijing 2019, and jointly to promote the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry!

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WHY CHFCE Beijing 2019?

1. Organized by authority organizations: China Machinery Industry Federation and China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, Branch Association of Fuel Cell, worked together to promote the development of the industry with far-reaching influence.

2. Domestic hydrogen and fuel cell industry-chain exhibition platform: CHFCE covers international and domestical hydrogen and fuel cell industry-chain, connects the equipment manufacturing companies and energy companies seamlessly, gathers the leading companies of hydrogen and fuel cell, your clients will find you during CHFCE Beijing 2019.

3. Gathering the leading experts: CHFCE Beijing 2019 works together with International Association of Hydrogen Energy, and other international hydrogen and fuel cell associations, institution and experts to discuss the development of China’s hydrogen and fuel cell.

4. Sharing Visitors database with China International Energy Forum: CHFCE Beijing 2019 will hold concurrently with China International Energy Forum 2019, there are about 20 sessions of energy related specialized meetings, more than 3,000 professionals will attend. 

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Hosted by:

China Machinery Industry Federation

Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China

Co-hosted by:

China Electrotechnical Society

Chinese Society of Power Engineering

China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection

China Energy & Automobile Media Group Ltd.

Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute
Hydrogen Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance of China

Supported by:

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

CEEIA-Branch Association of Fuel Cell

China Renewable Energy Society Hydrogen Committee

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation 

National Center (CNH2)

Organized by:

CMIF Brilliance Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sino Hydrogen Technology Co.,Ltd.   

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