Scope of Exhibits

u Fuel Cell Applications: Fuel Cell Buses, Fuel Cell Logistics Vehicles, Fuel Cell Forklifts, Fuel Cell Refrigerated Vehicles, Dedicated Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell UAVs

u Fuel cell system, key components and key materials of fuel cell, fuel cell auxiliary parts, and advanced manufacturing equipment and technology for fuel cell 

u Fuel cell power generation system and CHP generation system

u Hydrogen production and purification equipment, hydrogen storage and transportation equipment, HRS, pipelines and other infrastructure

u Test and analytical instruments of hydrogen and fuel cell

u Manufacturing technology, equipment and auxiliary software of hydrogen and fuel cell key components

u Comprehensive exhibition area: hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen patens and achievements transfer, hydrogen demonstration area, provincial/city hydrogen parks.

To Open

China Machinery Industry Federation   

China Machinery Industry Federation Hydrogen Technology Equipment Branch Association (in preparation)


CMIF Brilliance Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd


The People’s Government of Foshan Municipality

Supported by
International Association of Hydrogen Energy
China Energy&AutoMobile Media Group Ltd.(China Energy News)
Hydrogen Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance of China
Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

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