Scope of Exhibits

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1. Hydrogen Production Technology & Hydrogen Supply: Hydrogen production equipment/technology, reforming equipment/technology, polytechnic hydrogen production equipment/technology (natural gas/steam reforming, methanol decomposition to hydrogen, hydrogen from coal, hydro electrolytic hydrogen, chemical looping hydrogen, renewable energy for hydrogen production, etc),  hydrogen production companies, surplus hydrogen supplying, methane/propane/butane/methyl alcohol, pure hydrogen, synthesis hydrogen, mixed hydrogen, gasoline/kerosene/megilp, hydrogen test equipment.


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2. Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Equipment: Hydrogen storage tank, hydrogen sensor, distributor, hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen station equipment, hydrogenation/dehydrogenation equipment, hydrogen pipeline/pump/valve, special transportation vehicles, Related equipment: gas turbine/steam turbine, transducer/converter, absorption refrigerator, other heat-treatment technologies, heat energy equipment, purified water equipment, grinding miller/distributor/commingler , cleaning equipment, smelter/drying oven/firing furnace, CAM-computer-aided manufacturing. &s7t&]dJLUw@

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3. Fuel Cell Systems & Applications: PEMFC/ AFC/ MCFC/ SOFC/ PAFC/ PBI-PEMFC/ DMFC/ MAFC and other fuel cell systems and products; hydrogen engine; Applications: communication base station (emergency power supply/back up power), transportation vehicles (automobile/forklift/electric car), mobile phone and special marketing, other applications etc.

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4. Fuel Cell Critical Component and Technology: electrode/catalyst, membrane electrode, other cell stacks, gas diffusion barrier, isolating membrane, thermal energy utilization, thermal energy storage technique, pneumoelectric, radiator, heater, hot water tank, heat exchanger, Supplying technology: valve/splice, chemistry oxide, compressor, CNT, pump, blower, and other related technologies. .}*l'ib`#f

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5. Evaluate/Test/Analysis: monocle test equipment, electronic load equipment, hydrogen sensors, gas analytical equipment, analysis software (structure, heating power, electromagnetism, fluid, noise), electrical assess equipment, materials testing instrument, battery flanking fire equipment.


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6. Comprehensive Display: Hydrogen Infrastructure, hydrogen patent and results transferring, hydrogen demonstration area, province and city Hydrogen Park, universities and research institutes etc.  ?@ b#?4D)N(P

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Hosted by:

China Machinery Industry Federation

Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China

Co-hosted by:

China Electrotechnical Society

Chinese Society of Power Engineering

China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection

China Energy & Automobile Media Group Ltd.

Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute

Supported by:

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

CEEIA-Branch Association of Fuel Cell

China Renewable Energy Society Hydrogen Committee

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation 

National Center (CNH2)

Organized by:

CMIF Brilliance Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sino Hydrogen Technology Co.,Ltd.   

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