Exhibitor Guide

!VZ-R*_9S0s0     Fill in Booth Application Form, stamp on it and then send it to the organizing committee by mail or fax. %]-tN-m%~

'NUa?6}v$f JX0  Remit or pay participation fee (50% deposit or full payment) to the organizing committee within one week after booth application.  ? R-w_ul,H_

]4}7Z9V P5X0 The standard of booth assignment is "apply early, pay early, and assign early". The balance shall be paid before June, 20, 2017,  ?s'P-L0ENs

)Qvc.r2iT/Q#]vr0 otherwise the exhibitor's booth will be canceled. After receiving the Exhibition Application Form and the booth fees, 6c'HQ/bb[

~ J0jC Ac7b M

 the sponsor will mail the invoice and Exhibitor Manual to the exhibitors. Exhibitors quit midway after application, and the deposit paid

4Tyqs E wA _v't0

w6q ^qzTD.W0  by exhibitors will not be refunded. M4}$C-aH)G O8QC

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Hosted by:

China Machinery Industry Federation

Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China

Co-hosted by:

China Electrotechnical Society

Chinese Society of Power Engineering

China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection

China Energy & Automobile Media Group Ltd.

Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute

Supported by:

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

CEEIA-Branch Association of Fuel Cell

China Renewable Energy Society Hydrogen Committee

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation 

National Center (CNH2)

Organized by:

CMIF Brilliance Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sino Hydrogen Technology Co.,Ltd.   

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