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Welcome to Participants of 2016 China International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition


BO I"^e%PE N0                                                                    (CHFCE 2016), 28 - 30 November 2016, Beijing, China

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Fossil Fuels (i.e., petroleum, natural gas and coal), which meet most of the world’s energy demand today, are being depleted fast. Also, their combustion products are causing the global problems, such as the global warming, climate change, ozone layer depletion, acid rains, oxygen depletion and pollution, which are posing great danger for our environment and eventually for the life in our planet. Many engineers and scientists agree that the solution to these global problems would be replacing the existing fossil fuel system by hydrogen as the fuel and by fuel cells as the energy conversion devices. Hydrogen is the lightest, most efficient and cleanest fuel. Its use in fuel cells will produce no greenhouse gases, no ozone layer depleting chemicals, no acid rain ingredients, no oxygen depletion and no pollution. Fuel cells are the clean and efficient energy conversion devices, which convert hydrogen to electricity.I/L u|-D8Zx#Gu

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Around the world, there is extensive r&d work on Hydrogen Energy and fuel cells. Many types of fuel cells have been developed. Vehicle manufactures have built several hydrogen fuel cell cars and buses. Mercedes Benz. Hyundai, Toyota and Honda companies started selling hydrogen fuel cell cars. Many bus companies are selling hydrogen fuel cell buses. Internal combustion engines are being modified for hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fueled appliances based on catalytic combustion have been built. There is research and development work on hydrogen hydride refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Siemens Company is building hydrogen fuel cell submarines. Aircraft manufactures are working on hydrogen fueled subsonic and supersonic transport planes.
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In connection with the above described global concerns, China Association for Hydrogen Energy is organizing their annual “China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition” this year in Beijing, China, on 28 – 30 November 2016. This conference covers hydrogen production form any and all primary energy sources, including renewable energy sources, nuclear energy and even fossil fuels. It also covers various methods of hydrogen production, such 
U7];\,w h[5s0 as direct thermal, thermochemical, electrochemical, photoelectro-chemical and biological methods. There will be sessions on hydrogen liquefaction, purification, storage, and transportation by pipelines and tankers, as well as distribution. All types of fuel cells will be covered, including PE Fuel Cells, SO Fuel cells, Alkaline Fuel Cells, DM Fuel Cells, DE Fuel Cells, Microbial Fuel Cells, as well as transportation and other applications, environmental impact and economics. +e&I C9ci5~N3Xu
Because of the foregoing, I urge all engineers, scientists and decision makers, who are involved in hydrogen energy and fuel cells directly or indirectly, to contribute to and participate in the China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition (CHFCE 2016), in beautiful Beijing, China, on 28 – 30 November 2016. This will bring us closer to the age of clean and abundant energy system, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells.*C-kp2o,Lg:N Bql4K
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!X}wx$\GN ^0 T. Nejat Veziroglu
N P9lU%Iq;b o%w0 President , International Association for Hydrogen Energy4~u#y4V!n"Mp
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Hosted by:

China Machinery Industry Federation

Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China

Co-hosted by:

China Electrotechnical Society

Chinese Society of Power Engineering

China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection

China Energy & Automobile Media Group Ltd.

Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute

Supported by:

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

CEEIA-Branch Association of Fuel Cell

China Renewable Energy Society Hydrogen Committee

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation 

National Center (CNH2)

Organized by:

CMIF Brilliance Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sino Hydrogen Technology Co.,Ltd.   

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