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CHFCE2016-Conference Agenda


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1. 2016 China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

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kr3^QQ'I2r/xwS2T;d0 Time:28th,November,2016  Venue: China National Convention Center(CNCC) ~6f1F)pIN

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Host: Chief Editor of China Energy News, Vice-President of China Energy & Automobile Media Group ,{S0}!@-@8q

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Morning: General Meeting


9:00-12:00 }l1[z2r JtvD

n[ S&J-_'^#Ia)S,O0 2016 China Energy Industry Collaboration Conference


NChAw8o x9R9R0 12:00-13:30


$?%n(]2h{S0 Lunch ,Break zZ*ddn9K6t#P'T

Hnp }/\ J0 Afternoon: 2016 China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition(CHFCE2016)

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7m UW$H&A c` E G0 13:30-13:45 sBNc2qur`1j+E@/@?K

g(j^`5s(S0 Host introduces Guests

5[Ud UmR k0

Leaders of China Machinery Industry Federation

2KR1Y c%i@0
-Z Ap;f4[KH9p



"] K n H/|0 MIIT leaders Address +tv(RI!s6gF

6[5cL7y1W,z+d*J4L9d0 Bureau of Energy Leaders Address

0c h CZ}X xo0

/{(A?.F(F~6E je0 MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology) Leaders Address 7JQ|6Zo!}


Organizers Address

ta0L|/KV Y#i_0


!f Ttm~0} Q0

14:05-14:25 !E v W,C.vV"dw]3N{

PN&W*d8SkDf%z0 To be Confirmed y%K)c$}/G/Ez+Is

l:E W+{%p:D6v0 MIIT/MOST/ Ouyang Minggao

|*I M&P"nn^0

Yg8Oa;lk4[F}@0 14:25-14:45

!]"f o9e6]8Y}1`0
.?}E6LBk$s }

Fuel Cell Vehicles and Their Position in China 's Transportation rc2KKg#Qi,P

h A0X]/JrR2{0 Yi Baolian (Natioanl Technical Committee 342 on Fuel Cell and Flow Battery of Standardization Administration of China) 1] F o bBI%qK-v&KM

_6b8dD^ W(_0 14:45-15:05


Wxmr']mv@;l0 UNDP and Chinas Hydrogen Energy Economy C-_y?HeSp-}5?

&fW b|'qRhFCJ0 Zhang WeidongUNDIP c2k3YEE2t$U

@:^7aE?4W7W0 15:05-15:25


8bX L,EAQHX0 Canada Hydrogen Industry Base 9ZrD,N2cv1\

6_5UQg u K ]

Eric DenhoffThe Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association


)X qtl!~ [\:VS0 15:25-15:45

k@)Mn T'p%If0

ghYLW0 Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles and Vision

"e{/Es^vN AR$t I!e0

Japan Toyota

q I)y(r_*l x0
!M ra.Ts,ZS)b h1i }

15:45-16:00 bec j T7[

m9[ Q7IaW!K;@-^;S.N

Tea Break  Visit the Exhibition

lk:W*Y R:C0


2Q"uL WI7n,aK7b+v0 16:00-16:20

#c6X#L XW0

3m(TaP1CD0 Present Situation and Development of Hydrogen Energy Transportation in Yunfu,Foshan

Z d%Bl0q3pP p0

Xuguo(Deputy Mayor of Foshan)

4p A'AQ-VoO2|s0


5b7y5QZ M7x`7j5`0

xz{`g*S0 Be a good Benchmarking of “Hydrogen Economy Demonstration City”

K-H&W{ zi

Ma Jinhua(Rugao Economic Development Zone)

U9b c8W%GU;qu0

gU2VN$`:cBZ0 16:40-17:10 1SEd{\Kcj0Ap

x1r@;t#o ]%O

China 's Hydrogen Energy Standard System and Hydrogen Energy Development

&G||1v%h"x7?L _0

-DO whWij9I;Y#~$l0 Mao Zongqiang(Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China)


d1k(sA8o7f2\"QG0 17:10-17:30 jg{4_tw])c

jJ"K7a(m0 Shenhua Group L7bg\ou?:]

N(q @Yal0 To be Confirmed Ve G-C#O

P3hVuP8awSYf0 18:00-20:00

b)R WG5`j0K3rw0
_.[ ot3mc


BG W ~4I*O8U0

8p7G:p'y:P:F0 Limited for Invited Guests jr,v%g~d.B


2. Hydrogen Energy Prviate Session(Limted 20 persons) p&VRn']7Z_3C

L^ {1?c*Cq"k5N*I g z0 Time:28th,November,2016  Venue: China National Convention Center(CNCC) 

2U2y `z7d$jV5C

10:30-1200 Q @QC9A)a%k%^


Topic: The Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry in China

LSfuT*?6g ^z A0




Li [ v@;dSF0

&vaHM"o0 Decision-makers of Organizations

XyIue,pU&x5U0 2SV_L'\0GG,~2jBH

National Energy Administration CRO |0_C

a y ]n,?Y0M

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "z*e5h I.y'_v;c


Ministry of Science and Technology

Q Y8xL H Puzu3B.Aj0 4Nd,\NtQ\)R4U+i`i

China Machinery Industry 1dqiM c

hex K0T9d5[My0 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

"?h7s \6EE N0 OqMF{6cs

China Automotive Industry Association

3X W/~c ZCJ0 {gD9dFgCN Ln

Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China


,Y%o;v4I2`/C/cU0 Natioanl Technical Committee 342 on Fuel Cell and Flow Battery of Standardization Administration of China

d c.x+^A8LF0

3M5DM.` D!G p n} o0 Fushan City .}b[Z fb

h"u5j0`8d0 Rugao City

|K W8_WaNW m6}Q0 &kEj*X?1x3\AX}m

Key Enterprises Directors ;}6YO.X?J%q$y-h

  `ZI` po B _5X

3. Hydrogen Energy Session

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j R'M?Nd$lyH;[g o0 Time:29th,November,2016  Venue: China National Convention Center(CNCC)  

.?;x A)LZBr_?L(Bj0

F|`.p"k#J-K0 Hydrogen Production Parallel Sessions A0?@q Z0F1mx6R

YB9WfZdU/~+`X{0 9:00-9:20

q;c_u(|&j$u G+[Tx0

PEM Pure Water Application in the Installation of Hydrogen Gas Produced by Electro1ysising Water ]&{ a(z/IM4i']

P!xu MO

Olivier(AREVA Hdrogen Sales Director)

b~ w0[ }/?0

N!ddx:M'q"ZDUE0 9:20-9:40 XG\ i wr(PlP1}


China SPE Electrolysis of Water Equipment 9r` y,x D&uIAq&tw

N4\/rZ8l+m6nw0 Li Junrong(Winming Technology) a+xF;W4T

/M"k ~_!Fs'x'B

9:40-10:00 9[O&}~5f$E

!|)gPR2nK0 How Green Hydrogen Offers a Win/Win


k,Zc.L4h0ZrK0 David Bow(Proton Onsite) pyOAE"T%i;Z@

e Ti(^j&W

10:00-10:30 Or9N @#G~uS-\G

sNxc5xhJ L2w0 Tea Break  Visit Exhibition

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)G\y(Y!M4n0 Progress in Photolysis of Water to Hydrogen Production


.d*[&]n3wI0 Li Can(Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) (qS_T7z"C3XP

6sd\D;p%FT uN


1zX(Ub@4A p0

Goldwind Sci & Tech Present Situation and Development of Hydrogen Production by Wind Power

k`vmV/g1lc{9u u

Wang Xin(Goldwind) ){9qH;}"^ ]T

-jE;sCh} @n



tgWX.KVG0 Wind & Hydrogen Energy, Thermal Storage”Comprehensive Energy Network Research SMC.pH.G2ze;T


Lin Jin (Tsinghua University Energy Internet Research Institute) $ufT:V]

`+h&?c OI-oF0 12:00-1330 8C,shF#zN1@ MO8M

'c1]S5h|ovO&Z0 Lunch,Visit the Exhibition


je$Jd&L0 Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Luncheon(Limited for CHFCA Invited Guests)

K^uq |+T$^0

6H^4XZ:z0 Hydrogen Storage and Filling Parallel Sessions

L)z'mn Z@6f p0

!TnbJG#Cp4I ]#E0 13:30-14:00

uC3QJ Q&[0
*cm A/x8Bgc@

Prospects of Organic Liquid Hydrogen Storage wYcd4Wt

QUZ%KP@m8d t

Cheng Hansong (China University of Geosciences ) O'm;x }2A0N



DIm.r n+g;C\g0

J#~e]$u0 Application Prospects of Liquid Hydrogen, Pressurized Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage sn XJJ.J*^`(Y

0x+k$u.?kZ t%v

Marc CoekelberghsAir Liquide

A {'S&} n f0
A S%v@r~:U



#C[3Q!gY`v'n0 Liquid Hydrogen in China 9@U _3Q_!SJMm


Beijing Institute of Aerospace Testing Technology


9hx j|,}v;d E0 15:00-15:30 z7Y?D l4qx

c4SY7Cup5C]0 Tea Break e-M.JCRH

z ~9[I?GCg0 15:30-16:00 4KIL,g*o'U.V


Development Trend of High Pressure Gas Cylinder .J}$BWCZ9y

!D5~piQ p0 Zheng Jinyang(Zhejiang University) ,~m})E/J9FS.s6T*jkU

M4Lnolz0 16:00-1630

Mb'a"{ K{q0
:dU Lh]h+hR

Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Technology and  Application 7XJ/c7i1h c)]&V|~

(OKgYu?.v#u3h0 Jiang Lijun(General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals) w}0G(V4B|B

o^ i?9V0 16:30-17:00 [K6AQ |%e[G#W0v

(c.]\Naf'P U

Position of Hydrogen Refueling Station in Hydrogen Transportation

8s(eK/J? i)I{0
"s SsCO0k

Markus Bachemier(Linde Group) Nt ]0v,k%ut%Q

A'n_"v C)Kb0 17:00-17:30

4LD,l.o \wi{G%Z'Lw

Ammonia and Hydrogen Storage 1d b9s}Y:iZ4F)mW

K3m+n;{hsB0 Chen Ping(Dalian Institute of

)`i;x^&ZE F0 1xC/J5Oo

Chemical Physics, CAS %nPR^&aMY!r2|d


4. Fuel Cell Sessions   kj#|]N N


Time:29th,November,2016  Venue: China National Convention Center(CNCC) '_?U9HRlk*q


Parallel Sessions: Application of Fuel Cell in Traffic Field )U.c9C?EM7o

])L7J,x!{M K'i0 9:00-9:20

h*v {0A~`0
b-OQmmY%H9C DTi

Ballard Fuel Cell Power System Boosts China 's Transportation Hydrogenation l2Y/\7_+}V


Randall MacEwenBallard

GM^m(e+Ti@ S1_


#bx/u3O#eZ Lg5T

High Power Fuel Cell Power System for Domestic Vehicles

X z p!@Zv-d-f0
q3y ~!c_w8~g-m

Hou Zhongjun(Sunrise Power)

6V9xk zN+e*lf0

9:40-10:00 p:L%~ _T `^


Incremental Program Fuel Cell Logistics Vehicles


Chen Rong(Baiing)


:M4{k2qFdf*S0 10:00-10:20 ,ZFG.{:Id?C:BF


Tea Break,Visit the Exhibition 1P'D}*blV;~xc(Ts Z

r?H/q^ GHN kU(b0 10:20-14:00 (z6n~Ch)s O ^


Cost Efficient Manufacturing of Bipolar Plates A9n9f;s&M

CT.d~"i3O wp ]9H`

Martin Skrikerud(Cell Impact)

^ T/Hf1K]2t0

NE+qxf;W$~0 10:40-11:00 [4?#Y"L3S0FBb

8V$JQ"\:j2vx [

Domestic Fuel Cell Forklift gKOn.?Bm&Y'B

$M8sP[!XQ `0vl@0 Ouyang Xun (Nowogen Technology) s9t:J\5c

W%Z)Pf5T0 11:20-11:40 H-q9W%BE3cr

!~&M Tm7u#gT0 PEMFC Product and Production Technology at ElringKlinger +rU%T_9g@i


Michael Goetz (ELringKlinger AG) G c {8g s:Z-r~

k4uy.d'v%k0 11:40-12:00 ~y]"~%aY5w`u-W


Domestic Fuel Cell UAV

`*J,cpC7K s _H0

yM;fz~ P^0 Qi ZhigangTroowin Power System Technology

M GZQw ^?'t0

#m1Y4H/mi4X8N)N0 12:00-13:30

s"rFh m'LP

Lunch,Visit the Exhibition \-H"[S;\a

%KID9_xqN9`t:X }

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Luncheon(Limited for CHFCA Invited Guests) )yR b1yR2c7?C6~


Parallel Sessions: Application of Fuel Cell in Other Fields


6?5N"}h.T'A kBUwPs0 13:30-14:00 ^!|B:o6a;T!A

r9?bd#ZyBc1DR0 SOFC Technical Progress and Industry Prospects 0{h)b a/q)D|'S#i

$u4zT1L&poY0 Han Minfang (Tsinghua University)

-A#OT"P;v,n_-U-u Fz

14:00-14:30 [5q#YwpEw


Localization of Key Equipment for Air System of Fuel Cell ~x'KC5A7xD;w/n1{+U

O{W\-cTQ0 Hua Yaohong( Snowman Co.,Ltd) 6wjb4DNB"_8g

F V&Z&d1p|U0 14:30-15:00


To be Confirmed u w)K8B6D0@@3KM7Qb


ChenShuoshuo(ChaozhouThree-Circle Group)

g?0u3zPKWTVju hK)n0

6ZGe u*z\0 15:00-1530

&E}F y"P [0

0}]JDt1aE2I0 To be Confirmed

}f%P Z v {,@0
*q5[)z{PfEz F`

Yu Zhuoping( Tongji University) "b!M]*DOa8c s



%M.T^u[ S/KK

Opportunity Analysis of Commercialization of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell               yM liT

H0?2Zf @1X j0 Gu Zhijun(Qingneng Group) E G/o@@$Za(}0{

kK)F(@_TCz(G.B.x0 16:00-16:30 tg:b E{7fmHA}4M

/_1F|x ul S0 Applicatoin of Electrochemical Method in Failure Analysis of Fuel Cell


Chen Zhiyuan(HEPHAS Shanghai) _@&mIkzy6d"Jg

K6s)Fh*J(V6A4|^ @


a*T(_3Kb#M] C0

*ytHRe*mmBf0 2GW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant Successfully Started Running

K#al/s9N9B }0

WangXinghai(Yingchuang Sanzheng) ;N}T!T1o$w@-yk

{+X `(R2r

  #^X)W7ZCT\ Bj@

5. Visitation: Visit delegation to Rugao Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Zone 3m/J7`%t*L_5_

Note: Volunteer participants, Rugao local government will provide the foods and hotels for free, the transportation will be at their own cost.  We will take off in Beijing International Airport on 30th ,afternoon ,November,2016,please contact CHFCE 2016 organizers in advance. )AMkSc#o&h



6. Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Luncheon


1.) Luncheon Time: 12:00-13:00, 29th,November,2016


2.) Location: CNCC Conference Room(To be Confirmed) [iuCT;K2}n

3.) Conferees: About 100 people


4.) Participants: People from Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Luncheon,people from UNDP, CHFCE 2016 exhibitors and conferees(invited).



z my!AS:X,c0 K[|{:w/l` d+D


To Open

Hosted by:

China Machinery Industry Federation

Technical Committee 309 on Hydrogen Energy of Standardization Administration of China

Co-hosted by:

China Electrotechnical Society

Chinese Society of Power Engineering

China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection

China Energy & Automobile Media Group Ltd.

Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute

Supported by:

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

CEEIA-Branch Association of Fuel Cell

China Renewable Energy Society Hydrogen Committee

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation 

National Center (CNH2)

Organized by:

CMIF Brilliance Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sino Hydrogen Technology Co.,Ltd.   

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