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Hydrogen energy has been praised as the ultimate energy source. The hydrogen energy industry has been booming in China since 2016. The Chinese government committed to the international world to achieve carbon emission peak before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060 in 2020, which creates broader development space for the hydrogen energy industry.

China's superior industrial policy, broad application market and active innovation system are injecting inexhaustible impetus into the global hydrogen energy industry at present. The 10th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC2023) will be held in China again after ten years (WHTC 2013 in Shanghai). The global event and China's booming industries complement each other, which will leave a strong mark on the development of the global hydrogen energy industry.

WHTC2023, organized by International Association for Hydrogen Energy, China Association for Science and Technology, and China Machinery Industry Federation, undertaken by The People’s Government of Foshan Municipality is scheduled to be held in Nanhai District, Foshan City in May 2023. As a pioneering demonstration zone in China's hydrogen energy industry, Foshan will demonstrate global hydrogen energy technology progress and present

the development status of hydrogen energy industry in China.

Welcome to Foshan, China!

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1. Organized by authority organization: China Machinery Industry Federation

2. Domestic hydrogen and fuel cell industry-chain exhibition platform: CHFCE covers international and domestical hydrogen and fuel cell industry-chain, connects the equipment manufacturing companies and energy companies seamlessly, gathers the leading companies of hydrogen and fuel cell, your clients will find you during CHFCE 2023.

3. Gathering the leading experts: CHFCE 2023 works together with International Association of Hydrogen Energy, and other international hydrogen and fuel cell associations, institution and experts to discuss the development of China's hydrogen and fuel cell.

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China Machinery Industry Federation   

China Machinery Industry Federation Hydrogen Technology Equipment Branch Association (in preparation)


CMIF Brilliance Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd


The People’s Government of Foshan Municipality

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